About Us

Rehaus is a new concept dedicated to the resale of designer furniture, online


Rehaus was established in 2019 by a trio of furniture lovers and interiors aficionados. Often finding the process of looking for good quality vintage and designer furniture laborious,  with constant issues surrounding communication, authenticity, quality and speed, we decided to create Rehaus; an online platform dedicated to selling unique vintage pieces and iconic designer furniture in great condition, available for immediate delivery.   

 Everything we sell has been carefully examined and vetted by our team and undergone the Rehaus treatment. We lovingly clean and restore our pieces in our London headquarters, ensuring they are ready for next day dispatch. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions about our items; no waiting around, no fragmented or third party communication - just us.


In addition to buying iconic pre-owned design you can sell your own designer furniture through Rehaus. Just email our buying team on purchases@rehaus.co.uk and include as much information about your item as possible including the decade, brand and provenance, accompanied by a few detailed photographs of the item. We will assess the item and one of our buying team will get back to you within two working days.


Saving the planet is close to our heart. In a world where we are all trying to be less wasteful and contribute towards saving our planet, it is important to remember that buying anything pre-owned is more sustainable. It is less harmful and prevents deforestation; new materials need not be generated,  and items can be recycled and injected with a new appreciation and life.